Wilson and Wilson Music

Deanna and Andrew Wilson

Our musical duo is over 26 years in the making, going back to our teenage years as acoustic musicians when we met. We married young and raised 4 kids. After launching 3 of our kids as professional musicians and downsizing our music school to an online format, we finally have the chance to return to our duo roots. We've been honing our skills with a weekly livestream for over 18 months, playing with other bands around Texas on the weekends and developing our sound that we call Americana Groove. We play weddings, private parties, special events, wineries, breweries, restaurants and more. We're based in Central Texas, but travel frequently and with delight, so can be available in many locations with enough notice.

Music & live video

These tracks were recorded with our family band, and represent our full band sound.

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Press / Reviews

Man, seeing them perform and Wilson's fiddle technique blows me away. Also the guitar and piano. Vocals. Amazing. I'd give more stars if I could.” - David Hendrickson III

— Google Review

This musically talented couple completely knock my socks off with the skills and personalities! Their love of each other is heard in the music they create and on their candid faces.” - Beth Wright

— Google Review