What's Up With the Wilsons

In which we try to document the twists and turns of  our life

Welcome to 2024, Musicians!

Welcome to 2024, musicians. At some point it was inevitable that we realize that no longer is it only our job to excel at our instrument(s), be personable to fans and easy to work with for bands and venues. No…

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Week in the Life of these Musicians

As a self-employed musician, my job description is ever-changing. Officially, I’m a piano teacher, but even that is not the same as it was a few years ago. Living just outside Austin, TX with my musician husband Andrew and our…

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The mysteries of teaching music online

It started about 13 years ago, with an idea dreamed up by Andrew and a friend. Through a long north Idaho winter, Andrew drove 70 miles round trip on his days off teaching to film video and brainstorm ideas. As…

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