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What is Wilson Fiddle Method?

1.Development of Technique Through Tunes:  Learning the fundamentals of polished playing while simultaneously developing a repertoire of great tunes to play. 

2. Application of That Technique: Combining a basic knowledge of the rules of music and a touch of creativity allows the student to become an accomplished "fiddler" with a style of their own. 

3. Breaking Free from the tired old standard approach to learning the instrument and using my established tablature method, the student will be playing songs from the very beginning.

Hi, I'm Andrew Wilson

 Thanks for stopping by my site. I've been a promoter of all things fiddle for most of my life, and bring over 35 years of fiddle knowledge to students at all levels of ability. Using the many virtual tools at my disposal, I endeavor to inspire and encourage fiddle students to advance in their musical skills. Personally, I've played fiddle since I was 7, won multiple fiddle competitions, including 3 state championships, taught over 1000 students at Wilson School of Strings for the last 15 years, and I work as a fiddle player for multiple bands when I'm not teaching . All of my lesson offerings below are online, and available to students all over the map! Just click the graphics to find out more!

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